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Protecting Your Rights

First and foremost, when contacting your representatives, it is best to have a respectful and polite attitude regardless of your level of outrage. Remember to be somewhat brief in your message to increase the probability that your message will be given attention. Thank the listener as well for taking the time to address your message.

Dispensaries in Redmond, Oregon

Are Medical Marijuana Dispensaries allowed in the City of Redmond?

The City of Redmond:

No. The City of Redmond Business License Code has required that all businesses in the City of Redmond be compliant with local, state and federal laws and regulations since 1989. Since marijuana is still considered an illegal controlled substance by the federal government the City of Redmond cannot issue a business license to any business associated with marijuana.

Although a Medical Marijuana Dispensary is a non-profit operation., all non-profits in the City of Redmond need to have a business license to operate. (Redmond City Code, Section 7.015 and Section 7.020).

Additionally, the City of Redmond Development stipulates that no parcel of land or structure may be used for, or in conjunction with, an activity that violates any state or federal law. (Redmond City Code, Section 8.0026).

If you would like to write to your City Officials, here is a link to all their emails.

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